Principal Activity of CMD:
The principal activity of the organization is to equip people with skills; provide relief and development assistance to poverty-stricken communities with special emphasis on women, children and youth initiatives to transform society in the short and long term.


Goal and Objectives:

a) Goal-CMD aims to enhance access to equitable and holistic services focusing on underserved communities; improving their livelihoods in the areas of “Food Security & Livelihoods; Water, Hygiene and Sanitation; Education & Protection; Health & Nutrition; Peace-building and Conflict Resolutions”.

b) Core Objectives-
1. To increases provision of basic and holistic development services and strengthens resilience aiming at reducing extreme poverty, illiteracy and injustice among vulnerable communities.

2. To improve access to inclusive learning, food security, WASH and health services among the vulnerable communities by providing timely life-saving assistance and enhancing livelihoods sustainability.

3. To elevate the capacity of women and youth through trainings, employment, encourage equal participation in decision making; enhance enterprises scheme and inter-cultural mutual bond that build tranquility between communities.

4. To coordinate and collaborate with local, national, regional, international, charitable institutions, foundations, individuals, donors and UN agencies to share skills, knowledge and information pertaining to achieving holistic transformational development and community welfare.


Our Core Values:
1. Faith - CMD upholds to all Christian standards as stipulated in the Holy Bible and Christian values while respecting other faiths.

2. Transparency and Accountability - CMD employ best standards in management and utilization of resources in order to make a difference through learning, sharing and practicing new ideas and information.CMD believes that citizens have a right to hold governments and institutions accountable, to expect them to respect their rights and do what they say they will do. Likewise, we believe that non-governmental organizations should be accountable to the communities in which they work, to partner organizations, and to those from whom they receive support.


3. Humanity - CMD takes and considers with high esteem the set humanitarian principles of humanity; the mandated principles to respond to situations based on need with the most vulnerable prioritize with full aim of providing assistance. Human suffering must be addressed wherever and whenever it is found. The purpose of humanitarian action is to protect life and ensure respect for human beings.


4. People and Safety - We acknowledge and recognize the skills and abilities of our co-workers, and draw strength from our diversity and commitment to equal opportunity.We work and live safely! We protect human life, preserve property, and put employee safety before production.


5. Excellence Service- We are committed to provision of quality services, in all sectors that we work in.  We are leaders and managers that solve issues we find solutions that provides support to our partners both relief, emergency interventions and development. We satisfy the communities that we serve, we love them and work with them with a –do- no- harm concept and attitude we work together and with others to respond effectively to their needs.


6. Integrity and Respect- We are honest and responsible in all that we do and hold ourselves to the highest moral and ethical standards. We respect others, and we act with courage and humility at all times.


7. Community Empowerment- CMD believes that given timely and appropriate support to all disaster affected communities have an inherent ability to pull themselves out of crises. Therefore, the approach adopted when implementing our programmes is fully participatory; in which ideas from the affected communities form the basic foundation of our planning, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of all initiatives. We also expect full commitment to these values from our staff, partners and targeted beneficiaries.


8. Non-Allied (Social Inclusiveness)- CMD is not a political or a commercial organization; we are a charity whose vision is to promote “Peace, Development and Community Empowerment for All” amongst communities facing poverty and suffering as a result of natural or man-made disasters. We are therefore fully committed on providing humanitarian, early recovery and development support to all communities irrespective of religion, gender, creed, political affiliation, tribe etc.