Food Security and Livelihoods
Traders empowered by CMD are marketing their dry fishes

In collaborations with UN agencies and NGOs community, CMD has embedded farmers training within their food security and livelihoods programs, which seeks to establish agriculture, fisheries and animal health as a viable and respectable profession in the communities to overcome extreme hunger and poverty.

In coordination with UN agencies and partners, CMD has mobilized, enumerated, recruited and trained at least over 45,850 households utilizing 68,775 acres of agricultural farmland in Greater Upper Nile States, with each household utilizing an average of 1.5 acres. The same numbers of households have been provided with emergency response livelihood inputs (seeds, tools and fishing gears) to facilitate production and consumption.

At the community level, large scale farming spaces were opened up and 1,158 recipient farmers and 637 facilitators of “Farmer Field Schools – FFS” have been trained on food production, post-harvest handling and preservation through gender sensitive trainings. Facilitators were trained on sustenance of policies and operational skills that relied on its experience at grassroots level.  The program has established a knowledge base and data bank through good coordination, monitoring and evaluation mechanisms.