Health-Care Services: - Increase access to quality health care services by providing basic health packages and emergency referral services; control the spread of communicable diseases especially in vulnerable communities and enhance supervision and provision of health services delivery to support our health facilities and strengthen local capacity for response. Reduces high rate of acute malnutrition among children under the age of 5 years.

Provision of refresher training for EPI workers, Hygiene promoters, CHWs, and TBAs in all supported health facilities. Improve health infrastructure by constructing new or rehabilitating PHCCs and PHCUs and to strengthen the capacity of key health personnel in communities to improve health service delivery. Promote reproductive health and HIV/AIDS awareness and child survival among the communities.

Our HIV/AIDS programme provides information and services to vulnerable groups while addressing the underlying factors that lead people to make choices that put them at risk of infection. CMD's HIV/AIDS program is linked and integrated in all CMD programmes, including health/nutrition, education, WASH, FSL and economic development. Through our HIV/AIDS program, we help communities, men, women and children made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS safe; develop peer education and outreach in communities; and increase access to services such as condoms, voluntary counseling and testing, anti-retroviral treatment, and STI prevention and treatment.

We also place additional emphasis and advocacy on reducing stigma and work to ensure economic self-sufficiency amongst PLWHAs. All our planned community based HIV/AIDS Care, Prevention and Poverty alleviation (COPPA) project aims to build a local coordination mechanism model to mainstream HIV/AIDS-related prevention and care with poverty alleviation activities.